Return of the beavers + friend
Here are five pictures from a little adventure tonight (28 June 2014).

Last night (8 pm, total daylight) I strolled along the beaver ponds looking for signs of life, without success until I came to a little pond near the columbine patch at the bottom of the meadow. What joy to see three beavers in fairly quick succession, the first I had seen on Pebble Creek in about 8 years!

I returned tonight, with a camera.
1. I arrived at 8:02 pm - nothing there. But at 8:05, a beaver appeared and came swimming over to see what was happening.

2. A few minutes later something dark appeared across the pond...

3. It was a bull moose.

4. The beaver slapped its tail on the water to warn its friends (the moose wasn't bothered)...

5. And shortly thereafter a friend appeared: a moose and two beavers in a single frame!