Anna's High School Graduation May 30, 1998
  • Graduation was held at the Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge, Colorado. We had a fabulous lunch after the ceremony.
  • Graduation was attended by George and Jeanne Swartz (grandparents), Uncle Archie, Aunt Laurie, and cousins Melanie and Ian, Uncle Bill, Aunt Joan, parents Sharon and Bob, and sisters Debbie and Teri. Debbie played oboe in the band. Anna was Salutatorian, and gave an outstanding speech. Anna received numerous awards and scholarships, including Woman of the Summit, Summit Foundation, Moore and Co. Leadership, Rotary, and Optimist.
  • Anna will attend the College of Santa Fe where she received the Presidential and Talent scholarships. She plans to study musical theatre, majoring in Fine Arts. She will miss her sisters and her dog. Teri baked a delicious graduation cake.
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    Text of Anna's Salutatorian speech

    Salutatorian Address
    Anna Katherine Swartz

    We've all spent so much time with each other. And these past couple years, we've gone through a lot. We've had to say good-bye to too many. They'll never have their chance to sit on this stage and look at everybody out there and know they made it. I hope we can carry on for them by making the most our of our lives.

    We've connected in a very special way. I don't really want to say good-bye. High school is over. Just think about it. We'll never again have those cozy little talks on the couches. We'll never again try to sneak open food containers past Mr. Dickey. And our parents can stop calling us in sick.

    Enough about the past. We have quite a future in front of us. They are finally letting us go. But before we leave we need to say thank you. Thank you to the parents, siblings, relatives, friends, community, administrators, and especially the teachers. You don't get near enough credit for the magic you work inside those classrooms. I know the years are tough on you. But hang in there. It is worth it. You really make a difference. We'll miss you. It's time. You have all completed your mission. We are as ready as we'll ever be.

    To my classmates, the only thing I want you to remember today is always follow your dreams. You can do anything and everything and I'm sure you are going to try. But you will have to do it yourself. Nobody out there has the answers for you. Listen to yourself. Those little voices in your head and heart are the closest things you'll ever find to the truth. Go ahead - fly. These next few years could be the most wonderful, exciting, productive, creative, fun time of your life.

    We're all heading in different directions. We'll make new friends, try new things, and act on every whim that enters our freedom-stricken minds. Now is the time to pick a dream and try it for awhile. Never lose the fire that burns in each and everyone of us today. Hold on to your passions, let go of your fears.

    As Barbara DeAngelis said,

    "The journey in between what you once were
    and who you are now becoming
    is where the dance of life really takes place"

    Again, thank you and we're out'a here!