Caleb's family news page - 1997

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We sent a birthday card to Karole Fuller on the occasion of her 40th (or so) birthday. It showed pictures taken on a beaver pond hike with her and Jim in August 1997.

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Here are some nice pictures from Hubbard Lake, and also of Jon Nelson's new house.
Contact Jon at:
Address 4533 Mt. Brighton Drive, Brighton, MI 48116
Home phone 810 229 9622
Work phone 810 231 6207

Labor Day 1997

We had a fine party at the cabin. Hilary Almers was visiting from Heidelberg. Amanda Cochilla (who will be joining Bill's lab in November) and her husband Steve had their first experience in the summer Rockies. Itzhak Nussinovitch, who is visiting from Jerusalem for a month, came up for the day, as did Ute Becherer and the Faduls - Steve, Terri, and Claire.

Keller climb, June 29

Bill and I go on a June hike

Easter at the Swartzes

The Hunters were here, too, but they had to leave before the picture-taking got rolling.

Emmy & Dad's trip to England

March 8-19, 1997

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