Bill's sabbatical
Washington University Medical School
In April Bill drove to St. Louis for a two month sabbatical with Bob Wilkinson and his colleagues at Wash. U. Medical School.
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Sternberg Museum Along the way, he stopped in Hays, Kansas at the Sternberg Museum, named for the famous fossil-hunting Charles and his three sons. The most recent T. Rex discovery, Sue, was on display.

Carl Rovainen
The father of lamprey neurobiology retired from the Wash. U. faculty with a four day celebration. The W.U. reception featured some of Carl's 'found art' sculptures, plus plenty of live bluegrass music, naturally with Carl on banjo.

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Bill spent an afternoon at the famous 'Gateway to the West', one of the most stunning memorials on earth. The Arch serves no practical purpose. It simply celebrates the spirit of exploration and discovery, particularly as exemplified by Jefferson, Lewis and Clark.

Two cool guys

The Wilkinson home provided a splendid venue for a thank you party for Bill's colleagues and friends at Wash. U. and St. Louis.