Thanksgiving 1999
Thanksgiving was held at the cabin. Dave and Susi Swartz came with their kids, Lydia and Lucas, and their dog, Bailey. Sharon and Bob Swartz came with their chess playing and web page creating daughters, Anna, Debbie(the chess players), and Teri(the web page creator). They also brought their dog, Dory. Also the Laurie and Archie Hunter came with their kids, Melanie and Ian, as well as their dog Christy. So basically it was the dogs and a few people around. The weather was wonderful and there was just enough snow for everyone to enjoy sledding before the famous turkey dinner. The dinner was very delicious and there was a lot of food. Desert was also just as filling with chocolate, pumpkin pie, apple strudel tort, and caramel apples. Afterwards everyone sat down to a pleasant evening of games and family fun. I guess we could say that this Thanksgiving was definitely a big success.

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