Bulah and Al interview by Eric Malmborg

In 2010 Eric Malmborg was cleaning out a closet, and came across a tape that he made of an interview of Bulah and ranch hand Al Nelson in 1978. It is nearly an hour long, and has been broken into 9 contiguous segments.

The veracity of some of the statements, like the presence of grizzly bears and wolves on the ranch, cannot be guaranteed.

1. Dillon dam, Boulder Lake dam, the original cabin on the ranch, the sawmill 2. winter work, building the cabins, deer, root cellar, haying, horses 3. Al Nelson bio: dam building, ski area construction, Blue Valley ranchers, death of young Hill, Cripple Creek mines and bars, Silverton, Ouray, Telluride, East Riverside avalances kill 17 one year, snow two-hundred feet deep
4. Curt and Sharon's wedding pictures, Al's rodeo experiences, breaking horses at the ranch, hunters and horses 5. Overhunting reduces deer population, wilderness area creation, keeping riff-raff from Pebble Creek, wolves at the ranch 6. Problem bears, grizzly bears at the ranch, lambs taken by bears and mountain lion, animal control officer
7. Beavers 8. Wolverines in Colorado 9. Hunting, packing, dressing, and cooking deer, problem bear, banana bread