Pebble Creek was homesteaded on October 14, 1916. The homestead - Summit Ranch - comprised 97 acres (shaded green on the first map below). Twenty years later, Bulah (& husband Win) Walls bought it and started Summit Guest Ranch. In the 1960s Bulah platted and sold 13 lots on several acres on the western side of the ranch (now SGR). (Bulah's story is told at .) About 1980 the ranch (less SGR) was joined with HES 156 on the north (160 acres), creating Pebble Creek Ranch (PCR; about a decade later, the western quarter of PCR was separated from it). Today, 30 of 33 homesites in the valley have cabins/houses (almost all are second homes). Owners remain committed to preserving the rural beauty of the ranch and living in harmony with the surrounding White River National Forest and neighboring Eagles Nest Wilderness Area.
1a. The oldest picture I could find.

1. The original homestead document

2. Map of the original homestead (green)

3. Map showing Pebble Creek - completely surrounded by the White River National Forest

4. Larger map showing all of Eagles Nest Wilderness (133,000 acres)