Tsorkin Tsunami - New Wilderness Boundary sign
The Sorkin family (all but son Harley) - Harlee, Annelle, Jude, Oscar, nephew Jonas and dog Mars carried the sign, post, and tools up to the boundary between the National Forest and Wilderness, dug the hole (>30" deep), mounted the sign, erected it all, levelled it, backfilled it. What a generous contribution!

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1. There was just one problem... (just kidding)

2. Oscar, Annelle

4. Annelle, Oscar, Jude, Jonas


7. They found the site, which USFS Wilderness Manager Cindy Ebbert had located earlier with GPS

8. Harlee, Jonas, Jude, Oscar

8b. In early September, Michael Hoke and niece Katie McKenna added some coats of polyurethane.

9. This is how it looks to hikers on the Pebble Creek trail