Caleb's family news page - 1996

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Thanksgiving 1996


  • It has been so long since I wrote! Your father is in his usual dither...

  • We went to the cabin this weekend. It was pretty frustrating - 4 dogs for brunch today! 14 people, too (Swartzes and David came with his two kids, Lukas and Lydia. She's 2, and her fingers were always sticky sweet, which I liked a lot.) Also some neighbors came. Marty moved in today. Joan and Bill spent ALL DAY Saturday cleaning her cabin.
  • You are both very good to save money by flying home from New Jersey. Your Mommy and Daddy are proud of you both: .
    I gotta go.

    Don't be scared! These jack-o-lanterns aren't as good as the one on Dan's home page, but it was a fun movie. I found lots more neat movies, which I'll be adding as time goes by!
    Now here is something that really sends me into the basement (especially the noisy part). WOooooo!

    We went to the mountains on Saturday. I love it when they take off my collar (I mean, they aren't wearing my collar - I am - they take it off me). Anyway, we saw Long's Peak, and then we came over the first hill and saw the Front Range. Then when we got close to the tunnel we saw Mt. Sniktau (named after a Georgetown journalist) and the awesome Torrey's. After going through the tunnel we saw Buffalo and then Red Peak. My Mom got in the back seat with me to get better pictures. Here's one of her best shots. At the ranch, looking over Wyler Resevoir we saw Mt. Keller.
  • When we got to the cabin, out of the woods came BIG FOOT and his friends.


    Now the Betz Family Players (or what's left of 'em) present the sequel to "Does your dog bite":


    Madame: "Pardon Monsieur, Does your dog beg?"
    Clerk: "No, Madame, my dog does not beg!"
    Madame (thinks): "My doggie biscuits are safe." But then!
    Madame (lacking biscuits): "I thought you said your dog does not beg!"
    Clerk: That is not my dog!
  • This of course was fiction. Here is reality.
  • More reality, sad for them to say.
  • Which is why I love my Mom.
  • What does Joan do at the cabin?
  • And Bill, what're ya gonna listen to while you do the dishes?
    yes, it's Mel

  • Well, I gotta go scout out the back yard. But you shoulda seen me at my lookout.
  • But I'm happiest with my Mom.

    This was me as a pup. That's Jennifer's hand behind me, and just don't ask, OK? Click here if you want to see what I do all day now.
    My friend Poppy and I used to have fun. But she moved away.

    See a scary monster!

    Joan had a dream, and I captured it and put it on this web site!

  • Cool Dad in his new Italian tie.

  • New evidence about how the dinosaurs really disappeared!
  • Sitings of wild mountain creatures!
  • The views from 2400 Chestnut in Philly, looking west across the River-I-can't-spell are nice. Here are some more views.
  • If you look out the other side of 2400, you see downtown, and if you go downtown and look back to the west, you can see 2400.
  • What do the people look like? Well here are two natives (sort of) flanking some out-of-towners, all of them standing across the river from 2400.
  • Here is a gross anatomy anxiety dream come to life!
  • Finally, we have a couple of miscellaneous things that I don't have time to edit. Here is one of them, and here is the other.